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The Needs of Your Lifestage

Our bodies are amazing. They continually adapt to physical developments and learn to live with change. As we age, our bodies are faced with new challenges to overcome. Some times our bodies cope with these changes well, other times our bodies need a guiding hand.

Select a lifestage from the options below for more information. Alternatively you can view details about specific conditions on our where do you hurt? section.

The Health Needs of Infants and Babies

Infant and Baby Health NeedsInfants grow and change at a phenomenal rate, the fastest rate of their whole lives.  Fortunately this adaptation works in all babies favour.  Babes are quite resilient and adapt to changes well. This means that should a baby develop or have a condition, this condition can generally be treated far quicker than an adult. Read more about the needs of infants.

The Health Needs of Toddlers & Children

Toddler and Child Health NeedsToddlers interact with the world more and are keen to test their bodies. It’s not called the ‘terrible two’s for nothing. The immune system of toddlers is still very much developing, as are their bones and joints. Toddlers typically bite off more than they can chew, taking on the world with two eager hands. Read more about the needs of toddlers

The Health Needs of Teenagers

Teen and Adolescent Health NeedsTeenagers are often keen extremely active, testing their often resilient bodies. Often referred to as ‘bullet proofs’, teenagers take risks and test their limit on the sporting field and social scene. The bodies of teenagers are finalising their development.  Read more about the needs of teenagers.

The Health Needs of Adults

Adult Health NeedsOur bodies stop growing between 18-22. The lifestyle we choose to lead from then on is the primary impact on our future health. Are you committed to exercise, a balanced diet and listening to any signals from your body? If you are, there’s a good chance that your body will benefit long term. Read about the needs of adults.

The Health Needs of Older Adults

Older Adult and Senior Health NeedsWe all get older. As we age we can feel the impact of our past lifestyle. This could translate to healthy aging, where any pain is managed in a sensible and straightforward manner. Sometimes the physical labours of our past can also come back to haunt us. Read about the needs of older adults.

The Health Needs of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Health NeedsPregnancy is an amazing experience. The physical changes across all trimesters are a wonderful transformation to witness. Pregnancy brings large emotional and physical changes that you may not have bargained for. As your baby grows, your weight increases and can put different strains on your body. Read about the needs of pregnancy.

The Health Needs of Athletes

Athlete Health NeedsPrimed for excellence, an athlete depends on their body to perform at will. The difference between a podium finish and forth place can be the smallest of margins. And then we get up and expect our body to perform in tip top condition the next week. Are we expecting too much? Surely something’s got to give? Read more about the needs of athletes.

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